Our Ancestors

Any woman 18 years or older who can prove lineal, bloodline descent from an ancestor – male or female – who aided in achieving American independence is eligible to join the DAR. She must provide documentation for each statement of birth, marriage and death, as well as of the Revolutionary War service of her Patriot ancestor. The following is a list of our chapter’s Patriot ancestors, which you can sort by surname or state. If you believe you are descended from any of these Patriots, please contact us!


AncestorState of Service
Downs, HenryNorth Carolina
Scarborough, JamesNorth Carolina
South Carolina
Livezey, Thomas Sr.Virginia
Lewis, ThomasVirginia
Winstead, MandleyNorth Carolina
Clark, CharlesNew Jersey
Moore, PeterVirginia
Winstead, SamuelNorth Carolina
Tapp, WilliamNorth Carolina
Osborn, EnochVirginia
Osborn, EphraimVirginia
Hutchison, RichardVirginia
Gill, WilliamVirginia
Calhoun, WilliamSouth Carolina
Perkins, JamesSouth Carolina
Scarborough, JamesNorth Carolina
South Carolina
White, Joseph SrNorth Carolina
Sutton, JamesNorth Carolina
Hargis, PeterNorth Carolina
Foster, JohnVirginia
Beville, HezekiahVirginia
Moore, MatthewNorth Carolina
Ross, DavidVirginia
Gormley, HughPennsylvania
Lapsley, JohnVirginia
Nash, JohnVirginia
Whitley, JosephNorth Carolina
Skelly, JohnMaryland
Billingsley, SamuelNorth Carolina
Gibson, JacobSouth Carolina
Randolph, JamesVirginia
Stoner, JohnMaryland
Watson, SamuelSouth Carolina
Kuykendall, MatthewNorth Carolina
Grigsby, EnochSouth Carolina